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Media Release: HandyDART Riders to Remind Mayors of Responsibility for HandyDART

HandyDART Riders At TransLink Board Meeting

The HandyDART Riders’ Alliance and supporters will attend the TransLink Mayors’ Council meeting on Thursday November 16, 9 to 11am, to remind them of their responsibilities to HandyDART riders.

“The TransLink Mayors’ Council was once loud and clear in promising better HandyDART service, and denouncing unaccountable governance at TransLink” says HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-chair Beth McKellar. “Now that they claim to be fully involved in TransLink decision making, they need to take responsibility for those decisions.” Continue reading

HandyDART Riders Speak Out! Join us Thurs November 16 at 9 am!

The Mayors and the provincial government seem to need a reminder that this is a crucial time for HandyDART riders. Both the NDP government and the mayors have made some impressive promises about HandyDART and TransLink. But they need to hear you demand action!

HandyDART rider at July 2017 TransLink Mayors’ Council meeting

The TransLink Mayors’ Council is meeting on Thursday Nov 16 and we will be there. Please join us!

Join us at 9 am to 11am on Thursday November 16
#400 – 287 Nelson’s Court, New Westminster, BC

Share the Facebook event and invite your friends! Continue reading

HRA News – Write or phone your mayor & MLA today! New HandyDART report!

This is a crucial time for HandyDART, and we need your help today. Both the NDP government and the mayors have made some impressive promises about HandyDART and TransLink. But they need to hear you demand action!

A new report on HandyDART has just been released. It recommends bringing HandyDART in-house as a TransLink subsidiary, and restoring accountable governance of TransLink. The report was presented to the TransLink Mayors’ Council, but so far most of the mayors are not speaking out to support HandyDART riders. (The report is available here as a PDF. The Vancouver Sun and CBC covered the story.) Continue reading

HRA News – Join us Thurs Sept 28 at 10 am! Time for HandyDART Riders to be seen again!

It has been an eventful few months for HandyDART riders. We now have a new government in Victoria that has made some impressive promises about HandyDART and TransLink. At the HandyDART Riders Alliance, we are hopeful but it looks like the new NDP government may need a reminder of the urgency of acting on these promises.

The NDP committed to fixing TransLink

During the election, the BC NDP made a number of promises. One of the most important is to “Fix TransLink” by restoring democratic control. The BC NDP platform states that the “BC Liberals made a mess of Metro Vancouver’s transportation governance, by undermining the mayors, giving power to Liberal appointees over elected officials [and] passing the buck when convenient.” Continue reading

Mayors Approve Plan w 15% HandyDART Increase


HandyDART riders and workers wait for the Mayors’ Council vote

Good news! Today the #TransLink Board and the Mayors’ Council both voted unanimously to approve their ‘Phase One Plan’ which includes a 15% HandyDART increase over 3 years. This HandyDART increase is the result of lots of hard work from HandyDART Riders and allies. So take a moment to celebrate!

But the devil is in the details, and tomorrow the #HandyDART Riders Alliance will start working on the details, and we will need your help in the months ahead. In fact, you can help today by writing a letter to the editor of any of the papers covering this issue. Some points to consider: Continue reading

Good & Bad News for HandyDART – Action Needed Today!

HandyDART Riders At TransLink Board Meeting

HandyDART Riders At TransLink Board Meeting

It has been an eventful few months since our last newsletter, with some significant good news for HandyDART riders. But we just got some concerning news and need your help today!

First the good news:

•    In September TransLink reported a HandyDART budget increase of $820,000 to fund 33,000 additional trips to meet increasing demand this year. TransLink reports that 90% of these trips are to be provided by HandyDART bus. This is only a small increase, but it is an important step in the right direction. Continue reading

On Wed Dec. 9th, Speak out for Better HandyDART Service!

NV Group - smFor years, the TransLink Board has met behind closed doors, but thanks to public pressure they will be meeting in public on Wednesday December 9, 2015. And HandyDART riders need to be there to demand better service! The location is Room #400 – 287 Nelson’s Court New Westminster, near Sapperton SkyTrain Station (up a steep hill). Continue reading

Yes or No: What to do after the transit referendum?

Join us for a public dialogue on creating an accessible and age friendly region. Municipal politicians and other representatives from Yes and No sides have been invited to participate. [Update Maple Ridge Councillors Gordy Robson (No) & Craig Speirs (Yes) have agreed to participate, and Selina Robinson MLA will attend as well.] [Update 2 – Dr. Doug Bing MLA has also confirmed]

Saturday, April, 18, 2015  11am – 1pmHandyDART Maple Ridge Dialogue Poster Final
Ridge Meadows Seniors Society
12150- 224th Street Maple Ridge

•    Why vote Yes? Why vote No?
•    Is better public transit, including more HandyDART, needed in Maple Ridge?
•    What will people on Yes and No sides do to create a better transportation system, win or lose?
•    Make your views known, and find out more about the Mayors’ Transit Plan. Continue reading