Mayors Approve Plan w 15% HandyDART Increase


HandyDART riders and workers wait for the Mayors’ Council vote

Good news! Today the #TransLink Board and the Mayors’ Council both voted unanimously to approve their ‘Phase One Plan’ which includes a 15% HandyDART increase over 3 years. This HandyDART increase is the result of lots of hard work from HandyDART Riders and allies. So take a moment to celebrate!

But the devil is in the details, and tomorrow the #HandyDART Riders Alliance will start working on the details, and we will need your help in the months ahead. In fact, you can help today by writing a letter to the editor of any of the papers covering this issue. Some points to consider:

  • Fifteen percent over three year is a good start, but HandyDART service per-capita has been declining since 2009 when service levels were frozen.
  • The growing population of seniors means the number of people with disabilities is increasing twice as fast as the rest of the population, and this plan will barely keep up with increase.
  • Similar or bigger increases will be needed in 2020 and beyond, after this plan expires. The baby boomers are not getting younger.

Some news articles you could respond to include:

Peace Arch News

Vancouver Sun 

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