Media Release: Transit Plan Approval Crucial for HandyDART Riders

Tim July 2016 TL Board Mtg - SmallMedia Release: HandyDART Riders’ Alliance

Transit Plan Approval Crucial for HandyDART Riders
Mayor’s Council Phase One Plan marks return to regular HandyDART service increases

The HandyDART Riders’ Alliance is urging all the mayors on the TransLink Mayor’s Council to approve their Phase One transit funding plan this month. Members of the group will attend the Mayors Council meeting on November 10th to make their case in person.

“This plan includes about a 13% increase in HandyDART service over three years” says HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-coordinator Tim Louis. “I commend the mayors and TransLink’s new CEO Kevin Desmond for putting forward a plan that will make a real difference to HandyDART riders.”

HandyDART service per-capita has been declining since 2009. The need for improved HandyDART service is so severe that the new TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond recently approved an emergency HandyDART budget top-up. HandyDART service hours were frozen in 2009, and as a result trip denials went up over 600% before the US contractor changed procedures to disguise the crisis.
“The growing population of seniors means the number of people with disabilities is increasing twice as fast as the rest of the population, and this plan finally recognizes the need for more HandyDART buses on the road every year.” says HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-coordinator Beth McKellar. “Us baby boomers aren’t getting younger”

“We hope that every mayor will vote in favor of this plan” says Louis. “It’s not enough, but it’s real progress.”

HandyDART Riders Alliance spokespeople will be available for interviews at the joint TransLink Mayors’ Council / TransLink Board meeting scheduled for 10am Thursday November 10 at the TransLink Boardroom – 4th floor 287 Nelson’s Court New Westminster, BC

For more information please contact:
Tim Louis, HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-coordinator 604 732 7678 or 604 738 0405
Beth McKellar – HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-coordinator 604 444 9289

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