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HRA In the news: HandyDART service awful, group says

Delta Optimist, November 19, 2017

It’s time to stop the poor service, says the HandyDART Riders’ Alliance.
The advocacy group representing people with disabilities and mobility issues is demanding TransLink assume responsibility of the transportation service, making their feelings known at a Mayors’ Council meeting this week. Continue reading

Media Release: HandyDART Riders to Remind Mayors of Responsibility for HandyDART

HandyDART Riders At TransLink Board Meeting

The HandyDART Riders’ Alliance and supporters will attend the TransLink Mayors’ Council meeting on Thursday November 16, 9 to 11am, to remind them of their responsibilities to HandyDART riders.

“The TransLink Mayors’ Council was once loud and clear in promising better HandyDART service, and denouncing unaccountable governance at TransLink” says HandyDART Riders’ Alliance Co-chair Beth McKellar. “Now that they claim to be fully involved in TransLink decision making, they need to take responsibility for those decisions.” Continue reading

HRA News – Write or phone your mayor & MLA today! New HandyDART report!

This is a crucial time for HandyDART, and we need your help today. Both the NDP government and the mayors have made some impressive promises about HandyDART and TransLink. But they need to hear you demand action!

A new report on HandyDART has just been released. It recommends bringing HandyDART in-house as a TransLink subsidiary, and restoring accountable governance of TransLink. The report was presented to the TransLink Mayors’ Council, but so far most of the mayors are not speaking out to support HandyDART riders. (The report is available here as a PDF. The Vancouver Sun and CBC covered the story.) Continue reading

Media Release: HandyDART Riders File Human Rights Complaint against Premier Christy Clark and TransLink

Beth McKellar at Human Rights Tribunal offices

Media Release: HandyDART Riders’ Alliance

HandyDART Riders File Human Rights Complaint against Premier Christy Clark and TransLink: Group alleges inadequate HandyDART service is discriminatory

The HandyDART Riders’ Alliance has filed a class-action complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal alleging discrimination in the form of inadequate HandyDART service. Continue reading

Media Release: Transit referendum win would release HandyDART riders from house arrest

Transit referendum win would release HandyDART riders from house arrest
For immediate release – Thursday December 11, 2014

“The mayors have proposed a substantial and ongoing increase in HandyDART service” says HandyDART Riders’ Alliance spokesperson and former Vancouver City Councillor Tim Louis. “It is a step towards releasing people with disabilities from the virtual house arrest the service freeze has created.”Mayors Vision Cover Wide

The Mayors Council proposal is for a 30% increase in HandyDART service hours over 10 years, averaging about 2.7% per year.

When elected mayors and councillors sat on the TransLink Board, they increased HandyDART service hours by about 5% per year. But after the provincial government imposed an appointed board in 2008, HandyDART service hours were frozen and HandyDART trip denials soared. Continue reading