On Wed March 30th Keep up the Pressure for Better HandyDART Service!

Bet & Patrick - WebHandyDART riders made a big impression at the December TransLink board meeting, and we need to do it again! After that meeting the TransLink board chair told the Vancouver Sun “We had an offer to work with these folks more and we want to do that. We will consider (taking HandyDart) in-house.”

We need to be there again to ensure TransLink’s commitment to HandyDART riders is not forgotten. The location is Room #400 – 287 Nelson’s Court New Westminster, near Sapperton SkyTrain Station (up a steep hill).

The meeting starts at 9am and the scheduled time for speakers from the public is 11am to 12 noon. Please join us there at 10:30 am on Wed. March 30 and bring a sign! You can also sign up to speak at http://www.translink.ca/en/About-Us/Governance-and-Board/Board-of-Directors/Board-Meetings.aspx – call TransLink at 778.375.7602 for more information.

Please help spread the word! Invite friends on Facebook.

HandyDART service hours have been frozen since 2009, and as a result trip denials went up over 600% before the private contractor changed procedures to disguise the crisis. Service quality has also deteriorated, with riders routinely forced to wait for hours. In 2013, TransLink transferred 10,000 service hours from HandyDART buses to taxis, which endangers many riders.

To have quality HandyDART service that meets the needs of people with disabilities and older seniors, HandyDART must either be brought in-house as a TransLink subsidiary or turned over to a non-profit agency. Experience shows private corporations cost more and put profits above quality service.

Everyone benefits from better transit, including the growing population of seniors and people with disabilities. It is time to make major investments in public transit, including HandyDART, to make Metro Vancouver a livable and age friendly region.

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HandyDART Riders’ Alliance – HandyDART riders and allies for better HandyDART and accessible transit service

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